Bixels is a STEAM education product playing with the intersection between computation, physics, biology and design. 

It teaches how to produce, integrate and interact with different fluorescent proteins. Bixels makes biological tools and materials accessible and affordable to a wider audience.

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Autonomous Pixel Displays

Seamlessly integrated displays shaped around us.

The Autonomous Pixel Displays Research project presents a new screen architecture that removes the fragile grid topology and flat rectangular shape of contemporary digital displays. Instead, every pixel has its own sensing and signal processing capabilities built in, and acts independently of its neighbour.

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This is the portfolio of Helene Steiner, CCO and co-founder of Cell-Free Technology.

Helene is an award-winning designer & engineer focusing on products at the intersection of hardware, biology and design. Her interest is in creating new interactions and interfaces in and with our natural environment. Her research looks at opportunities to not only bridge the physical and digital world but also the natural and artificial.

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Colo dishwasher

Colo is a dishwashing concept, whose handling is closely aligned to user-needs and the kitchen as a room of social life. 

Colo consists of trays that are used as storage rack, for carrying and as main component of the dishwasher. For cleaning just put the tray in the sink and lower the cover. After washing, simply place the tray with the clean dishes on the wall again. The Colo-concept breaks with the hand- ling-habits of an old-fashioned dishwasher. It‘s a reduction of the machine to its essentials, orientated on user-needs. Colo merges the dishwasher with the sink.

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Digitally and computational power meets biological matter and processes for new perspectives on interactions with our natural environment.

Nature has its own language; specifically, plants use electro-chemical signals to communicate their needs. Project Florence is a speculative glimpse into our Future where both our Natural and Digital worlds could co-exist in harmony through enhanced communication. Combining Natural Language Research, Biology, Design, and Engineering… we have created the first instantiation of a plant to human interface through the power of language.

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DECOD is a new open-source hardware and software platform driven by nature to re-connect and re-experience our environment. 

Its mission is to empower a new generation of biodevelopers with an affordable tool that focuses on biological processes and their roots, in order to hold artificial and natural worlds in balance.DECOD takes advantage of the sensitive reaction of plants to external and environmental factors and is able to capture and translate these signals.

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Anywhere is a pace-based music broadcast to promote young musicians and to give them a chance to get people excited about their work. For the user it is a music broadcast to explore new music related to the enviroment and fueled by your walk. interface is inspired by computer games to encourage people to walk more and explore new areas, music and local shops. The company works closely with local shops and venues to connect them to their local community.


A new and simple way to communicate and stay connected to your personal universe. 

Tinc relies primarily on voice commands for your life on the go, but it also allows for a seamless connection to the screens already in the environment. We envision a world where our personal devices create an experience so seamless that the technology fades into the background, allowing us to focus on the people in our lives and the places around us.

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The idea behind the E12 is the enhancing of your analogue desk with digital improvements. 

Its folding mechanism makes this three sided lamp not only easily portable, but also very fast to erect. The battery powered leads provide you and your desk not only with excellent lighting, but also with true colour brilliance. The built-in camera and projector takes care of all your analog and digital desktop management and archiving needs - with the cue of your cooperation with Peter Schwartz and Anna Schulz-Pitsch

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Mini Florence

A Kit for Organisms to Promote Personalized STEAM Learning.

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bioLogic is growing living actuators and synthesizing responsive bio-skin in the era where bio is the new interface. 

We are Imagining a world where actuators and sensors can be grown rather than manufactured, being derived from nature as opposed to engineered in factories.

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Polyp is a laundry-basket - and an ornament on the wall. Just put the laundry through the hole in front of the basket. 

If it wells forth, the basket is full - the quantity required to fill it is the same as one load of the washing machine. The hole of the laundry basket is concave, so nothing can fall out when the basket is taken off the wall. The basket can be carried easily, due to its form. The laundry is easily sorted into a few baskets. Attached to each other the baskets compose an interesting ornament on the wall.

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Theoretically, artificial limbs could give back not only the abilities lost with a certain body part but could also enhance them. 

A lot of opportunities are opened up beyind just remodeling a person’s appearance. „Prosthesis“ was a research-based project to understand new opportunities of prosthetics and also the social questions that we have to ask ourselves, such as „should there be an ethical limit of upgrading our bodies?“This project questions the possibilities prostheses could open up and demonstrates where modern techniques and automation could bring us.

Pepe rolls veneer.

PEPE is made of paper-thin veneer and therefore lightweight but also very stable. The process is as exciting as the result. 

The veneer is only 0.5 mm thick and moistened on one side with glue, this is then rolled into a tight pipe and pressed. Manufacturing in this way results in a strong structure with a novel 3D form and flat sections for assembly. The flexible process cleverly uses different pressing angles to make shaping in any direction possible. PEPE is lightweight and stable and uses a production method developed at CuldeSac Valencia during "The great tobacco project" in 2011.

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3D-Knit in Motion

Inspired from the structure of muscles and the opportunity to create functional graded material through knitting, the Project 3D knit in motion experiments with different yarn mixes and knitted patterns to create moving textiles.

These materials might be used for body and skin stimulation, especially for a better body perception, body circulation and for future applications might be a support of physical strength.

Scratch me.

Experiments with soft-robotics and possible tangible interactions such as a backscratcher for NASA.
2014 Royal College of Art

Sticks and Human

The stick was on of mankind´s first products. It is a multifunctional tool: one can play with it, work with it, indicate with it. 

It was always a symbol of its owners sense of culture, social status and individuality. And opens up the opportunity to interact and play in and with the environment and surrounding we are in. The project Stick and Human uses sticks as a physical reflection of society in 5 different interpretations and explored in different user studies how we can engage again better with our environment.


SKIN is a suit that allows a close to the ground, exciting and natural way of sliding on snow.

It was designed to be easily worn, transportable, compatible for use in natural environment, easily modified and to enable various ways of sliding. These features make the sport accessible to a wide variety of people. It can be enjoyed by novice and professional alike, and with simple adjustments it can be used by people with different abilities.

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EDU locker

EDU locker is affordable and adapts to the individual needs of every school. 

 The panel give the possibility to arrange the boxes for personal needs. EDU is industry-orientated, long-lasting and practical. The standardized and stackable boxes offer a private space. The boxes are easy to pull out and to bring into class. Every school can create its own perfect lockers with customized colours and its perfect size of boxes. EDU is easy to mount on the wall and because of its slim panel easy adaptable to different spaces. Additionally every locker has a single socket to load and lock phones and other media.

EDU book

The EDU Book transforms the mobile phone into a school computer and connects the analog and digital worlds with its A4-sized electronic-ink-Display. 

When put onto the EDU Book, the phone automatically switches into school mode - it blocks call and text functions, starts the EDU software that is optimized for school work and brings the tough, flexible, light and inexpensive EDU Book to digital life. The mobile phone transforms from a problem to the solution. The EDU Book not only substitutes calculator, overhead projector and PC, it is also a robust tool for studies outside of the school - superior to any laptop: Analogue work can be documented by camera to be worked up digitally afterwards.


Bunna is coffee product line produced in collaboration with Ehete, a Beta Israeli community of craftswomen. 

The product line narrates their cultural stories manifested in their coffee ritual, showen in 3 products, the Jebena, a traditional coffee maker and serving vessel, the Kos, the Israeli coffee cup, and the Ner, the tealight holder. The making process takes 2D clay slabs and turns them to 3D forms using simple patterns and primitive geometry molds. 
The project was a collaboration with Ehete and Shenkar University, Tel Aviv.